The easier kind to deal with, I guess.  Piercing rejection. Like any rejection I had been guessing for a long time that it was coming, especially when it didn’t seem like the piercing was following a usual healing schedule, even taking into account how long it takes for piercings to fully heal on me (take predicted time, add a month or two).

It feels significant to me.  I got it pierced kind of as a challenge to myself, and the fact that I rarely do spontaneous things.  Literally, I got the piercing the same day as I had the idea to do it.  I was on a weekend break from the job I had most of the summer, which I ended up leaving because of multiple problems with it.  I guess the piercing decided that it was going to leave finally.  My one final tie to that job (other than taxes) has been broken.  And now I feel sad because I have happy memories of that time.

I don’t know if I’m going to wait until it heals and try to get the same side pierced again or whether I should risk trying the other side, knowing of the risk of rejection (after almost seven months!).  A second piercing on the same side would be slightly more likely to reject, I’ve read, but I was kind of attached to having it on that side.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, honestly.


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