Other places you can find me

There are many other places you can find me online, since I love treading the floorboards of the internet. Here are some of them:

Bluepotatoes66 at Jezebel (as well as the other Gawker media sites occasionally and The Consumerist)

Kokopellirises at Literotica Stories

Kokopellirises at Literotica Forums

Kokopellirises at Polyamorous Percolations (Poly Percs forums)

Kokopellirises at FetLife

My other blog on WordPress is BluePotatoes

Bluepotatoes66 on Twitter

polylady2 on Twitter

I do have a profile at OkCupid, but for privacy purposes I’m not going to list the username here, because it shows pictures of me. (No, it isn’t any of the usernames listed above.)

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